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Lois McMaster Bujold

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Fan-fiction, fan-art and fan-club

"Inspired..." (Fan-fiction)
Some LMB fans were inspired by her books to their own works... You can be offended and scream " It isn't true! " - but the acquaintance promises to be curious.

Interactive fan-fiction - aka the unfinished one. Authors of these stories are waiting for your interesting thought of the plot. Write us!

  • Y.Mikhailova, A.Zaretskyi, "Heretics of Barrayar". LMB consider that the Barrayarans are not the faithful. But fancy that in Gregor's time the Barrayaran Chirch revives and grows a menace for Emperor's reign and power.
  • S.Baiteryakov, Y.Kortneva "Second letter in the alphabet". If you are a plain man from Betan Astronomical Survey, could you became a Vor? And what it will come to?




Humor page

"The picture-gallery" (fan-art)

Here are pictures and sketches related to LMB books.


  • the list of all person (with their names and e-mail adresses) who are interested in Vorkosigan Saga.
  • the results of the first Russian LMB fan-conventions, the "VorCon-2002" (April 2002):
  • open Bujold-related contests:
  • Live role-playing games:
  • Forums and chats. All, who speaks Russian and wants to discuss about Bujold's work, could also join to:
    • the Fidonet conference FIDO7.RU.VORKOSIGAN. This is a fan-club of a Vorkosiverse. If you have not a proper Fido adress, you can use a news-server ddt.demos.su or I-net service www.fido-online.com - the section "Literature. Literary talks."
      All archives of the last months are accessible here.
    • new IRC-chat: at channel IRC DALnet #vorkosigan - here is the entering to this chat
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